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Ultimate Sound Recorder v2.0
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YES! I want to record my audio right first time!

I want Ultimate Sound Recorder, the most powerful and easy to use audio recorder on the market... I understand that Ultimate Sound Recorder v2.0:

  • Will automatically organize storage of all my files, once I have given my audio project a meaningful name (such as “Marketing Teleconference with JA - Oct 2”)!
  • Will automatically name all my recorded audio files, ensuring they don’t conflict with each other or overwrite each other! The names are even meaningful, so I'll be able to tell at a glance when they were recorded!
  • Will automatically select the hard drive on my computer with the most free storage space to store my recordings, ensuring I don’t run out of disk space half-way through!
  • Will allow me to do easy sound checks, and won’t leave the sound check file cluttering up my hard drive afterwards!
  • Will allow me to start and stop my recording as many times as I want, even over several days, without having to worry about what impact it will have on my final recording!
  • Will allow me to select my file format once, and then forget about it! It will also give me understandable explanations about each file format, with tips on which one I should choose for best results!
  • Will automatically create as many sets of audio masters from my raw files as I want, each having different lengths so I can deliver whichever way I want: CD, cassette or Internet download!
  • Is fully "Wizard" driven, which means I will be led step-by-step through the whole process, with full explanations of what is going on at every step!
  • Will give me total peace of mind, knowing I can concentrate on other more important things rather than having to worry about whether my recording is being made correctly, or whether I got the bits and bytes correct when setting up my recording.
  • Will make top-quality audio recordings with virtually no knowledge or effort on my part!

YES! I would like to purchase Ultimate Sound Recorder v2.0
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I understand I will instantly receive...

  • Ultimate Sound Recorder v2.0 software, plus
  • Bonus #1: Audio Razor software
  • Bonus #2: Audio Master Generator software
  • Bonus #3: Audacity Audio File Editor software
  • Bonus #4: Zinf Audio Player software
  • Bonus #5: Your input on future versions of Ultimate Sound Recorder
  • "Record It Right The First Time Or Your Money Back" Guarantee
  • Unconditional 90-day 100% money-back guarantee

I want to download Ultimate Sound Recorder v2.0 immediately!

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