MP3 and Ultimate Sound Recorder

Audio files normally take up a lot of disk space for storage. In recent years, a number of audio compression algorithms have been developed to try and solve this problem. Probably the most well-known of these is MP3 – also known more formally as MPEG Level II Layer 3 – which is used widely for encoding music files. As almost everyone knows, there are thousands of sites on the Internet that supply downloadable music in MP3 format.

What is not so well known is that MP3 is a patented algorithm. The owners of the MP3 patent, the Fraunhofer Institute, have challenged legally the rights of third parties to develop and distribute software which incorporates the MP3 algorithms.

Despite these legal challenges, a number of software developers around the world have developed software packages which support MP3, and have made them freely and widely available as “open source” on the Internet. The most popular of these packages is called LAME, which in the time-honored Unix tradition stands for “LAME’s Another MP3 Encoder”. At present, there exists an uneasy stand-off between the Fraunhofer Institute and many developers of MP3 software, and it is possible that the Fraunhofer Institute might decide to more rigorously enforce their patents in the future.

For legal reasons, Ultimate Sound Recorder does not actually include any code to directly encode or decode MP3 files. However, Ultimate Sound Recorder is capable of using a special DLL version of LAME, if it finds it on your computer at runtime. This version can be downloaded by clicking here:

Note that this DLL is not part of Ultimate Sound Recorder, and is not written or distributed by Edmonds Marketing. Downloading or using LAME to create MP3 files may be illegal in your country, so we recommend that you check the copyright laws of your country before doing so.

If you do decide to download and use LAME, there is one thing we can tell you: the feedback we have received is that it works very well and produces excellent results.

Setting up LAME for Ultimate Sound Recorder

After you have downloaded the LAME ( file from

you need to unzip it and place it in the same directory that you installed Ultimate Sound Recorder.

To make things easier, the Ultimate Sound Recorder setup program will do some of this work for you. All you need to do is to download LAME and Ultimate Sound Recorder into the same directory. Then, when you run the Ultimate Sound Recorder setup program, it will automatically unzip LAME for you (as long as it finds the required “” file in the same directory).

Other MP3 software

If you decide not to download LAME, you can still create MP3 files from Ultimate Sound Recorder. You do this by getting Ultimate Sound Recorder to create normal Wave files, and then using one of the many other excellent pieces of MP3 software to actually encode your MP3 files. It’s an extra step, but it too works very well.

Other MP3 encoding software can be found at many places on the Internet, but we suggest you try first.

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