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** How to get the audio on your computer working properly... and what to do if it doesn't work.

** How to connect your stereo, turntable or tape deck to your sound card.

** How to choose a microphone that's right for you... and then connect it to your computer.

** How to record an audio message and put it on your website -- step by step!

** How to record phone calls.

** Is your sound card ruining your recordings?

** Are you making any of these 10 common audio recording mistakes?

Here's what one reviewer had to say after reading this minicourse:

"Lex, I thought your course was excellent! I'm confident anyone who goes through this course should be able to add record audio through their computer, choose the proper mike, understand the different input devices, etc. You do a great job of explaining it all without getting too technical. Even the section on how the different mikes work wasn't that technical."

Willie Crawford

I've had such a great response to the course that I am even thinking of turning it into an ebook in the future...

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Ultimate Sound Recorder is an awesome piece of software. Your interface is very intuitive, so there's no learning curve although your instruction manual is very comprehensive.

In no time flat I found myself making recordings and putting them both on CD and turning them into MP3 for download from my website. I also like the fact that I can easily convert these into the perfect size and length for audiotapes.

Thanks for simplifying a task I often struggled with.

Willie Crawford

The Ultimate Sound Recorder transforms my laptop into a recording studio, which enables me to record books I have written in an audio book format so I can sell them as audio products. I find this prospect very exciting.

The Ultimate Sound Recorder can perform some amazing tasks, such as recording conferences from the Internet or telephone and recording live presentations.

What is more amazing than the advanced technology of the product is Lex Edmonds, the developer of Ultimate Sound Recorder. Behind this outstanding product is a down-to-earth, yet highly intelligent human being, who is eager to help each customer using his software to succeed. Lex Edmonds wants the people who buy Ultimate Sound Recorder to succeed massively, and he is willing to help you do so.

Mary Cheatham


Do you need to professionally record the sound for a live event such as an interview, seminar, teleseminar, conference, teleconference, book reading, church service or ceremony?

It's easy, right? Just load some sound recorder software on your laptop, plug into the PA system and go?

But... the trouble is, most sound recording software isn't very easy to use – unless you are a technical expert! And if anything goes wrong during the recording – if it's not working the way you expect – your recording is ruined.

If you have ever tried to record live audio with a computer, you may recall that it wasn't as easy as it first seemed after all. So do some of these scenarios sound familiar...?

  • "Is the software recording now or not? Nothing seems to be happening on the screen…"
  • "Do I have to specify the filename when I start or finish the recording? I can never remember, and the software doesn't tell me..."
  • "Where should I store the file on my hard drive, and how do I avoid getting it mixed up with all my other recordings?"
  • "What name did I give this morning’s session again?"
  • "What name should I give this afternoon’s session so I know it follows on from this morning?"
  • "Have I used the name already, and am I overwriting a previous recording?"
  • "What sound quality recording settings should I use? 44100, 22050 or 11025? Mono or stereo? 8 or 16 bit samples? What do they all mean anyway, and is there really a difference between them all?"
  • "What file format should I choose, and do I have enough free disk space to store my recording anyway? Will I run out of space half way through?"
  • "How do I get my recording levels set up right? Will it create another file which will clutter up the directory where I’m storing my recordings? And how do I remember to find it and get rid of it later?"

And if you are recording a teleseminar, which you are running as well as recording:

  • "How do I concentrate on actually running my teleseminar? I’m still worried I haven’t got my recording set up right… and without a recording, I’m going to lose a bundle…"

Of course, just making the recording itself is only half of the problem. What do you do with the audio files you just created so you can supply them to your colleagues or customers? The sorts of problems you are likely to encounter include:

  • "I just recorded four sessions, which were 61, 146, 93 and 119 minutes respectively… a total of 419 minutes of audio. How do I make these files usable so I can burn them to 80-minute audio CDs? 419 minutes means I should be able to burn them to six CDs… But how do I edit the files to make them all fit?"
  • "I want to record my files on to C60 cassettes as well as CD… How do I edit the files so I end up with fourteen 30-minute recordings that will fit on to these cassettes?"
  • "I also want to upload a copy of my recording to the web, so my customers can listen to it while they are waiting for the CDs to arrive by snail mail... How do I combine all the files into a single MP3 file so the download is easy? How should I reduce the quality of the recording so the size of the download is smaller?"
Dear Lex,

Your Ultimate Sound Recorder is truly a superior audio production program! I have used it in several ways over the last few months and can only endorse it more highly as the days go on.

Ultimate Sound Recorder is a wonderfully useful and simple-to-use program for anyone who ever has a need to record or play back any audio information,

I have done a brief survey and find that competing products are substantially more expensive than your Ultimate Sound Recorder. In some cases they are actually less versatile.

The uses I have for Ultimate Sound Recorder are as follows:

  1. Recording web conferences — I use it frequently for web conferences so I can go back and listen them again, if I wish to do so. I do this as a precaution, because in several instances when the presenter assured the listeners the audio would be available, the presenter's recording failed. I can also easily edit a long one down to the information I need.
  2. Recording web audio presentations — As you know, some sites use streaming audio that is not downloadable as an audio file. I can use Ultimate Sound Recorder to record it as it streams. Another wonderful feature of Ultimate Sound Recorder is the ability to turn it off at a certain time or after a certain number of minutes. I have used this to record streaming audio while I ran errands! It is nearly as convenient as being able to download the file! Magic: On returning, I had my file already saved!
  3. Recording teleseminars — When I listen to telephone seminars, I can record them for future reference with Ultimate Sound Recorder. This is such a relief, since I frequently do not take all the notes I would like. I can review the recording later and complete my notes. It is also excellent for reviewing a part of the conversation that I did not hear clearly on the original call.
  4. Recording my business telephone conversations — Depending on local laws, a person can record his or her telephone conversations with Ultimate Sound Recorder. This feature is particularly useful when you are presenting business information to several listening participants or simply to a single listener, such as a client. You can then email that client or clients the audio file for their review. I have found this very useful allowing me to give information very quickly assuring my client that it will be available for review when we finish the call. I can give much more information in much less time, since my client can listen at the time and review the audio file later to make more complete notes. Can you imagine how much time is saved not having to wait for your client to copy everything down?
  5. Developing and presenting podcasts — With many merchants presenting their audio material online as podcasts, Ultimate Sound Recorder is the perfect product to record and edit such files for presentation in this fashion.
  6. Presenting seminars: a very simple and lucrative way to start an Internet business — A person with unique knowledge can present teleseminars recording them with Ultimate Sound Recorder to offer them for sale later. An even simpler approach is to plug in a microphone and give a presentation, save the file, format it for customer needs, and offer it for sale either on a web site or via email. How is that for a great business application?
  7. Changing and saving audio files — I have some audiotapes with information I dare not lose. I can play them straight into Ultimate Sound Recorder, format them for CD's, MP3's, or simply archive the audio files. Since I still use my audiotape player when I am working, I can turn other files, such as MP3's into a tape file to record a tape for listening as I work.
  8. Using old but faithful players — with Ultimate Sound Recorder I can convert MP3's into regular CD's and use the older players I have that do not play MP3's. This equipment is very good, and I don't want to abandon its use. With Ultimate Sound Recorder I can continue to use my older equipment! What would that use alone be worth to someone?

I realize there are many other uses for Ultimate Sound Recorder. These are merely the ways I personally have found it so helpful.

I would strongly emphasize:

  • You need this program, if you are a person who needs to listen to audio files, teleseminars, or telephone conversations!
  • You need this program, if you are are a consultant who gives telephone advice or produces audio files for distribution, for any reason!
  • You need this program, if you are in any business of using audio files for distribution, for sale, or for other purposes!

Your Ultimate Sound Recorder is a fantastically useful program! It is so easy to use and so versatile! It has simplified and streamlined my life in several essential ways.

Like the microwave and the cell phone, I hope I never have to be without my Ultimate Sound Recorder!

By the way, you are not charging enough for your Ultimate Sound Recorder!

Paul Elliott

Lex Edmonds
From: Lex Edmonds
The Internet Audio Expert

Tuesday 9:45pm

Dear friend,

I first I first became aware of problems with recording audio like those outlined above a few years ago, when attending a weekend seminar that cost $5,000. Afterwards, I spent another $500 to buy a recording of the weekend. That recording was delivered on 15 cassettes. The very first time I listened to them, I noticed how there was no continuity between cassettes (or even between sides of the same cassette)… there were big gaps between just about every one. And what was worse, some of the most important parts of the seminar were in those gaps! This was incredibly frustrating… so naturally I complained.

A few weeks later, the organizers sent me another set of cassettes, a recording of basically the same seminar but from a different weekend. And guess what? This one had the same problems! At least this time, the gaps were from different time periods during the seminar, so by listening to both sets of tapes I was more-or-less able to remind myself of the content of the seminar.

But was I happy? No way! Would I buy a recording of another event from the same company? No way! Would I buy another product of any kind from the same company? Pretty unlikely!

If you are a marketer, you will see what happened here immediately. Because of this bad experience:

  • They had lost my trust.
  • They had lost me as a future customer for other products.
  • Their profit on this sale had been eroded if not destroyed, because they had to send me two physical copies of the product. I might have even sent it back and asked for a refund – in which case they would have been in the red.
  • My lifetime value was now for that one product only. Potentially thousands of dollars in future sales had been left on the table.

The sad thing about this is that problems like these are actually avoidable and easily-fixable… How do I know that problems like these are easily fixable? Because I have written an amazing new piece of software called Ultimate Sound Recorder specifically to solve them…

Click here now to find out how Ultimate Sound Recorder
makes recording audio easy and trouble free


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